Golf Course Ambassador Program

So what exactly is a golf course ambassador?

By joining forces with us we become your personal Brand Representatives (Brand Ambassadors). We'll represent your golf course WHILE representing our Golfn LifeStyle brand and help raise money for charities at golf tournaments.

We work exclusively at golf tournaments and offer FREE advertising on all of our online channels.

Hit up that intake form to get us on your 2022 calendar!

  • Golf Courses

    WIN: Bringing more fun, diversity & golfers to your golf course while raising revenue and awareness to your golf course brand.

  • Golf Tournaments

    WIN: We help raise money for charities and fundraisers by providing fun games & prizes at the event.

  • Golfn LifeStyle

    WIN: Help increase brand awareness for our newly launched GLife brand and our membership & ambassador programs.


How much does it cost to have a golf course ambassador?

NOTHING! It's absolutely no cost to you.

Just fill out the intake form and we'll be in touch to schedule.

Do we need to provide anything for our GCA's?

Just a golf cart for your ambassador(s) to get around the course for the duration of the tournament.

We bring everything else!

How many times can I book a GCA in a season?

You can book as many tournaments with a GCA as long as we have the availability to accommodate!

*We suggest booking ahead to ensure you get your dates scheduled with us.