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Your portal to streaming all of your favorite golf entertainment, movies, and comfort shows on a budget! 

- One time payment to purchase the box and you get lifetime support. 

- Use the box AS IS and you have access to roughly 2000 cable channels (including, sports, PPV, news, local, movie channels, and more! 

- Free 6 month subscription included in the purchase price to access the VIP portal where you can find nearly ANYTHING your heart desires. (All programs streaming on Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, ESPN, Peacock, and more. AND an endless pit of movie fun for that Friday movie night - new, old, and some that are even still in theaters!) 

So, if you haven't already, get ready to slash that cable bill and all of those paid streaming services because you won't be needing them when you get your hands on the Me Cool TBoxxx!


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